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Statement from Africa TB Affected Community

Statement from Africa TB affected communities and Civil Society Organizations on Stop TB Partnership


We the African TB affected communities and Civil Society Organizations recognize and appreciate the commendable efforts of the Stop TB Partnership's Board and all its members in ensuring an open and transparent governance system in the Organization.
We recognize the dedicated leadership of the current Executive Director, Dr. Lucica Ditiu, and applaud her immeasurable efforts in the development of the organization. Her continuous support in ensuring investments in community systems strengthening, promotion of human rights and gender equality has resulted in strides to the TB response development at national, regional, and global levels for the past decade.
Our experience of Dr. Ditiu has been that of a respectable and passionate leader, someone who has brought commitment, and an unshakable spirit of partnership that is rare in the TB response.

Statement from Africa TB affected communities and Civil Society Organizations on Stop TB Partnership

We acknowledge the challenges that arise in managing a multi-culture work environment and unique global health institutions like the Stop TB Partnership with employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds aiming at supporting the organization to reach its goals and objective of ending TB by 2030 as outlined in the UN HLM Political Declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Having worked with Dr. Ditiu, we are deeply concerned about the contents of an article published by the New York Times about her leadership at the Stop TB Partnership secretariat. (Reference: NYT-A Global Health Star under Fire By Apoorva Mandavilli. September 12, 2020). Our experience of Dr. Ditiu has been that of a respectable and passionate leader, someone who has brought commitment, and an unshakable spirit of partnership that is rare in the TB response.
We highly denounce and condemn any form of discrimination or violence on anyone especially employees based on their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or otherwise. We are very conscious of efforts that may reverse the gains we have made so far in the TB response.
We, therefore, call to action and support an Independent Review commissioned by the Board on these allegations. We also recognize the statement released by the Board on the 15th September 2020 quoted "We are continuously learning and building an organization driven by principles and values expected by our Board, donors, partners, and stakeholders and, most importantly, the countries, communities, and people affected by TB that we serve.”
We further request the board to put into consideration the following:
1. Conduct a thorough and independent review of the matter and ensure the active engagement of all concerned parties on what transpired and how it got to this point.
2. Our views as TB affected communities and Civil society working on ending stigma, barriers to treatment access, community rights & Gender, financing, social protection, and other areas with Stop TB Partnership should be sought and included in the review.
3. Based on the roles and responsibilities of the UNOPS as the host for the Stop TB partnership, we hope to see UNOPS showing leadership as a UN agency and ensuring that UN Policies and procedures governing such incidents and accountability are observed.
We confidently believe that there is still room to address these case(s) and have all issues resolved amicably through exploring systems and procedures that support diversity for the benefit of the organization.
In conclusion, we remain committed to supporting the development of the TB response. We will not tolerate any unfounded efforts that stand to destroy the reputation of organizations that improve the rights of TB affected communities and reverse achievements made in the past years.
List of Africa CSOs
1. African Coalition on TB, Pan Africa
2. TBPeople, Global
3. TBWomen, Global
4. Africa Coalition on TB Nigeria, Nigeria
5. Nigeria TB Community Forum, Nigeria
6. TB People Nigeria, Nigeria,
7. Afro Global Alliance, Ghana
8. Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations, Tanzania (EANNASO)
9. Tanzania TB Community Network, Regional
10. Stop TB Partnership Kenya, Kenya
11. CITAM+, Zambia
12. Top Health Advocacy in the Tropics, Uganda
13. Association, of Mozambican Mineworkers, Mozambique
14. Pan African Positive Women’s Coalition, Zimbabwe
15. Eswatini Coalition on TB (African Coalition on TB – Eswatini), Eswatini
16. Positive women together in Action, Eswatini
17. South African National Tuberculosis and AIDS Association, South Africa
18. Agang Health and Community Development, South Africa
19. Stop TB Partnership Ghana, Ghana
20. Southern Africa Miners Association, Regional
21. Swaziland Migrants Mineworkers Associations, Eswatini
22. Pamoja TB Group, Kenya
23. Afro Global Alliance Nigeria
24. Ambassadeur de lute Contre La Tuberculosis, DRC
25. Club des Amis Damien, DRC
26. Service, Health and Development for People Living with HIV/AIDS, Tanzania
27. Volunteer Health Services, Ethiopia
28. Ethiopian TB Association, Ethiopia
29. Amba TB, Ethiopia
30. Efoteta TB, Ethiopia,
31. Mask Ethiopia, Ethiopia
32. Abedi Boru TB, Ethiopia
33. PLAN Health Advocacy and Development Foundation, Nigeria
34. Ghana TB Voices Network, Ghana
35. Sustainable Communication Response for TB (SCORE4TB)
36. Good Health Educators, Nigeria
37. Janna Health Foundation, Nigeria
38. SUFABEL Community Development Initiative, Nigeria
39. Stop TB Partnership DRC, DRC
40. Network of TB Champions, Kenya
41. Africa Coalition on TB Zambia, Zambia
42. Botswana Mine Workers Union, Botswana
43. Ghana Coalition of NGO’s in Health GA, Ghana
44. Hope Care Foundation, Ghana
45. Concern Health, Ghana
46. Jointed Hands, Zimbabwe
47. Kenya AIDS Consortium, Kenya
48. CISMAT, Sierra Leone
49. International Center for Human Rights, Advocacy and Gender Empowerment Ghana, Ghana
50. Makueni NGO’s Network, Kenya
51. Makueni Community based Organizations Consortium, Kenya
52. Facilitators of community Transformation, Malawi
53. Zimbabwe Women living with HIV National Forum, Zimbabwe
54. Advocacy Core Team, Zimbabwe
55. Center for Development Journalism and Advocacy, Malawi
56. Pan African Treatment Access Movement, Zimbabwe (PATAM)
57. HREP, Malawi
58. Debriche Health Development Center, Nigeria
59. Dynamique de la response d”Afrique Francophone sur la TB, Cameroon (DRAF TB)
60. For Impacts in Social Health, Cameroon
61. TB Core Group Cameroon, Cameroon
62. Coalition of Women living with HIV and AIDS, Malawi
63. Coalition of Zambian Women living with HIV and AIDS, Zambia
64. Disabled Women in Africa, Malawi
65. Swaziland Migrant Mineworkers Association, Eswatini
66. Mzilikazi Former Mine Workers Association, Namibia
67. Ex-Miners Association in Malawi (EMAM), Malawi
68. Botswana Labour Migrants Association, Botswana
69. Development Aid from People to People, Malawi
70. VAN Foundation Ghana
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