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VHS Profile
Volunteer Health services is nonprofit organization initiated by former MDRTB patients and health professionals; It is a network of more than 14,500 volunteers treatment support team that can offer a place to explore the emotional and practical issues of living with MDRTB or TB specifically patients who need comprehensive treatment and care in a safe and nurturing environment.  It is an all-inclusive, non-partisan group working to increase participation in local healthcare system, key affected populations (KAP) in our community to become identified, informed, empowered and involved through a nationwide network of patients, volunteers and relevant stakeholders. We are motivated by our belief that medical issues affects our communities in a multitude of ways and that the contributions of former TB patients are necessary for a strong TB control, prevention and care move. But many concerned by the lack of framework or platform to engage communities in local TB/MDRTB control activities. our working group has proposed a strategy for approaching this challenge. Our preliminary plans include a series of ‘patient to patient’ programs and platform developments. With this framework we will endeavor to educate and engage key affected population on every TB control activities. It is our goal that all potential patient and stakeholders will be identified, informed, empowered and engaged in order to bring about positive change on lives of key affected population including migrants, refuges, prisoners, miners, slum dwellers, children and others.

VHS Unique Feature 
Volunteer Health services (VHS) is strictly volunteer organization with no salary for most of its permanent staffs except the periderm for their field work. We are able to mobilize more than 14500 volunteers and former TB patients from diverse professional and socio economic background so as to support the TB control programs.


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