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Our Projects


Global Fund CCM/Ethiopia TB communities representative
Volunteer Health services to CCM/E board represents people living with and affected by TB and those civil societies in grass root level. The communities’ delegation has the goal of representing the views, voices, needs and interests of communities living with tuberculosis. We are also expected to report back to the communities we represent. It aims to be transparent, accountable and to prepare communities at grassroots and district level to engage in all TB control activities, working to identify, inform, empower and engage all key affected populations including pastoralist and refuges. 

Stop TB partnership CFSC round  7 grant winner 
VHS won a civil society grant from Stop TB Partnership in order to strengthen national level TB constituencies that engage, represent and accountable to communities, to reinforce the capacities of local communities and to tighten linkage and collaboration between communities and government.

Hosting Ethiopian parliamentarians TB caucus  
VHS has been hosting the Ethiopian parliamentarians TB caucus since its inception in 2014. 24 members of social standing committee already endorsed the Barcelona declaration and we are waiting for the other remaining parliamentarians to sign. 

TB Clubs/TB treatment support and health education
Our grassroots level TB patient support experience gave us a chance to work with local district, patient families and TB key affected population. we are a group of 14500 volunteer members of TB survivors, patients, patients families, professionals and others, who came together to talk about challenge, experience and/or role that they have in common without being judged, blamed, stigmatized or isolated. By joining support groups, people realize that they are not alone in their situation. VHS group is a forum in which members can share problems and concerns, brainstorm solutions, give each other advice and form friendships. Our support groups are effective because members receive firsthand advice and the approaches that they learn come from peers who are coping with very similar circumstances. This means that TB clubs are not theoretical, but practical, personal and relevant. 

TB community service directory/ Data management  
VHS has huge TB related data base including the name and address of all MDRTB patients, CSO, NGOs, private and public health facilities, physicians, health professional associations and others. In partnership with stop TB partnership we are about to print ‘communities TB service directory.’

Member of GF-CCM/E National oversight committee 
VHS is a part of GF-CCM/E national oversight committee to coordinate set of activities like gathering information, analyzing, taking action and reporting back to CCM/E So as to support and ensure grant activities are implemented as planned, and identify and resolve implementation issues and bottlenecks. Oversight of Global Fund grants is a core function of the Ethiopian country coordinating mechanism (CCM/E).

UNITAID communities Board delegation Member

VHS represent communities voice internationally at UNITAID board.


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